Signature Sauces

#1 – MILD: No heat. Honey sauce, commonly referred to as “Tennessee Ketchup”

#2 – SWEET HEAT: House-favorite sauce, just a touch below medium with a blend of pepper spices

#3 – MEDIUM: A smooth, Jalapeño-based sauce

#4 – ABOVE MEDIUM: A sweet, smoky-flavored chipotle-based sauce…a favorite among customers

#5 – HOT & SWEET: More on the warm side, a habanero-based sauce with a southwestern edge

#6 – SOUTH OF THE BORDER: A smooth jalapeño- and habanero-based sauce with an extra-spicy kick

#7 – SERIOUS HEAT: A honey-sweet sauce, spiced with chipotle and habanero peppers for extra heat

#8 – ROLLING HEAT: A molasses-based sauce with a heat that starts at the tip of your tongue and rolls on down

CAROLINA: A vinegar-based, spicy brown mustard sauce and true taste of the Carolinas; try it on your salad or ‘dawgs

MEMPHIS: No heat, so sweet it’ll rot your teeth; This sauce is from Cattleman’s Master Reserve, and is our only sauce not blended in-house

CAROLINA HOT: A version of our Carolina sauce that’s been kicked up a notch or two

SOUTHWESTERN: A West-Texas flavor that contains a blend of 15 spices and seasonings; medium heat, and “Lou’s Favorite”

Download the full Hawg-N-Dawg menu in PDF format by clicking here.

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